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DivaCup x2 Cups

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Price: £92.5

Mooncup – Size A

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Price: £17.94-

Post Childbirth

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Price: £18.60

Mooncup – Size B

mooncup model b

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Price: £17.94

Dutchess Cup

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Price: £16.99

Disposable Softcups

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Before You Buy A Menstrual Cup Read My Reviews!

Menstrual Cups are the wonder products which not only took my mensuration woes away but also gave me an eco-friendly and personally the best alternative to pads and tampons. Although, it came little late into my life, I can safely say, the mooncup is perhaps the best thing that has happened to me in recent times. Easy to wear and effective for longer durations, moon cups also allow me to enjoy swimming, running, travelling or similar other physical activity even when I am on my periods.


If you haven’t heard about it yet, menstrual is the reusable cup made of silicon gel that doesn’t absorb but collects the fluids during mensuration. Worn little lower in the vagina than a tampon, menstrual cups form a light seal with the vaginal walls and let the menstrual fluid flow into the cup without any odour or leakage. After certain hours (depending on the flow), the mooncup has to be removed, rinsed and reused. Available in two sizes, A (for women over 30 who have given birth) and B (for everyone else), mooncups are not just safe and comfortable but more economical option to deal with the mensuration cycle.


However, with so many companies offering menstrual cups, it can be tricky to find which menstrual cup suits you. Since, it is a one -time buy as it lasts for as long as 10 years, I had a tough time choosing the right one for myself. To help you make an informed decision before you buy a period cup, I have listed down the best menstrual cup comparison list. You will read our menstrual cup reviews and understand them better before choosing one. Since, I have used all these products myself, the reviews are more reliable than any other source of information.

It’s time to bid-adieu to dryness, rashes, odour or any other hindrance that a sanitary pad or tampon creates during those difficult days of the month.


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