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The Mooncup Diary - All you need to know on the Menstrual Cup

The Mooncup Diary provides solutions to women’s health, particularly for the menstrual cycle which occurs every month in women.  Comfort during such times is affected since most women do not want other people to know that they are shedding blood.


Benefits of menstrual cups:


They are latex-free, have no dyes, toxins, BPA or any other bleaches. It is gentle on the skin and can be used comfortably without any side effects. It can also be disposed of with no harmful effects on the environment.


  • Menstrual Cups are cheaper than other sanitary products.

No matter the kind of flow you have, you will only always only need one menstrual cup.  The are also reusable which makes the Mooncup easy on the pocket.


  • They are hygienic and comfortable.

Comfort and hygiene are very crucial when a woman has her period. The Mooncup cup is designed in a way that will provide comfort while using it. It is discrete, you will almost forget that you are on your period.


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